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Rabbit vaccinations

In common with dogs and cats, there are infections of rabbits that are contagious and often lethal for which there are vaccinations available:


This is a common disease of rabbits that is spread by biting insects. The symptoms include swellings around the face, ears and back end. Even those with apparently mild symptoms usually die. The disease is seen during the summer months and because transmission is by biting insects, it can be transmitted over long distances. Woodland areas, land near water, and near by colonies of wild rabbits represent increased risk. Vaccination is by a single injection given annually, or every six months in high risk areas where.

Viral Hemorrhagic Disease

VHD can cause severe loss of life in colonies of rabbits and may present as sudden death with few external signs. It is transmitted very readily from rabbit to rabbit. The vaccine is very effective and also consists of a single annual injection. There are now 2 strains of VHD present in the UK (VHD 1 and VHD 2), both types have caused disease in rabbits in Yorkshire.

There is a vaccine that can be given annually to protect against Myxomatosis and VHD 1. To protect against VHD2 there is another annual vaccine that can be given 2 weeks apart form the Myxomatosis/VHD1 vaccine.