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Fireworks at New Year can affect any pets with a fear of loud noises. There are several products we have that can help pets with these problems.

  1. ADAPTIL diffusers, these release a pheramone which calms the dog down and can be left on permanently.
  2. ADAPTIL collars, similar to the above but are left on the animal and last for about a month
  3. Scullcap and Valerian Tablets, these are calming herbs which can be given as and when needed.
  4. Xylkene capsules, these capsules contain a milk protein which helps reduce stress in agitated animals
  5. Calmex tablets, a new product made from a mixture of amino acids and proteins which help reduce anxiety.
  6. Sedatives, in extreme cases we have ACP tablets and Diazepam which will sedate extremely nervous animals.

For information on any of these products please contact one of our surgeries. If your animal needs sedatives the Vet will have to perform an examination before dispensing these.

We also have a behaviouralist who can help with fireworks and loud noises. Ideally this is best done several months before exposure but it is never to later to get any advise possible.

Don't forget there are several things you can do to minimize your pets fear:-

1. Turn the TV up loud

2. Make a den/safe haven for your pet.

3. Close the curtains 

4. Make sure you are home and your pet is indoors (especially for cats)